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I'm Arty, they/them, and this is my little corner of the universe. My younger self is running free, so this site is full of things we love.

Please remember to drink some water, and happy scrolling!

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A sticker of a beige unicorn with a rainbow colored mane. A sticker of a sundae with pink strawberry icecream, whipped cream with star shaped sprinkles, a pink bow, a cherry on top, and a tiny unicorn inside the glass. A sticker of a purple furby on a cloud. A Sticker of Kitty White sitting down and reading a love letter.
                          She is wearing a lavendar dress and a pair of angel wings. A sticker sheet of the 1980's design of the Care Bears. Going clockwise are Wish, Sleepytime, Tenderheart, Love-a-lot, Funshine, Cheer, Tenderheart, and Grumpy.
A sticker of Rainbow Brite and Twink holding lavendar, red and yellow balloons. A sticker of Unico the unicorn laying on a pink cloud. A sticker of a small rainbow colored teddy bear. A sticker of two pastel dogs sitting on a rainbow colored planet with a ring around it.
A heart shaped sticker sheet of bears and a giraffe performing at a circus. They are wearing colorful pastel party hats. One bear plays the trumpet, and another holds a balloon while wearing a clown outfit.
A heart shaped sticker of Betty Boop riding a unicorn over a rainbow in space.
A sticker sheet of rainbows and rainbow colored things like flowers, butterflies, hearts and stars. The rainbow sticker at the bottom reads, Happy Day! A sticker of a navy blue, pink and lavendar castle on fluffy star covered clouds.
                          Behind the castle is a rainbow and sun.

Updates! Small pixel icon of a red heart in a scalloped speech bubble.

12/27/2022: Touch ups have been made! Played around with sidebar colors and started on a bio of sorts. I am going to try to take a moment to just write and make art. Rest is needed!

12/26/2022: So side divs didn't happen but I did find out how to add the scroll feature on some divs! And with that, the front page is now organized and has a working sticker tab! AH! ;; I love my little collection so very much and am so glad I tried!

12/25/2022: I'll figure out how to do side divs one of these days! For now, have some cute icons and stickers as I embrace all of the things that make me go, "Aw, yume kawaii!" Happy holidays!

12/23/22: Front page is shaping up! Moved all mutuals' + creators buttons to the 'explore' tab! Sticker page and blinkies at bottom?

12/20/22: Hello, it's Arty! Just wanted to do a log to self as I'm starting up this little website! I spent most of the day making a banner via touchpad and canvas, and I'm so stinking proud of it! My kid self is over the moon at the fact that I went with bright colors ;; (trying to make this more accessible, and cute! good job me!) It hit me while half awake to revamp my little self-sona (?) and I love them okay

12/18/22: My little sona was doodled/revamped!

12/01/22: Let's get serious about coding now that the semester is almost over! I was inspired by Stitches from ac and the lovely art by hellomynameiswednesday here's to hoping I did them both justice!

10/25/22: My lovely friend B showed me their art page on Neocities! No more dreaming about having a place to share my art and myself without worrying about numbers! Website is made! We are free!

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