I am a work of progress... Small pixel icon of alternating pink, yellow and blue stars.

Hello there! I'm Art, but you can call me Arty, and it's so nice to meet you!

I'm a 25 y/o trans, nonbinary, queer, polyam and disabled Chicano who likes making things with my hands, and learning all sorts of things!

...and a work of art!

My dream for this little place is to share things I make with all the mediums that catch my eye, share my progress on my Animal Crossing island, Artcoíris (Art-co-ee-reese), and log my journey into books, j-fashion, and DnD.

Oh, and to practice learning Korean, reclaiming Spanish, and coding in my free time! It might be a tall order... but I'll try my best, and that's the best anyone can do!

What does Star Casita mean?

It's a combination of two things that mean a lot to me. The first, star, has two meanings. It's a part of my older handle @startmyspark, where I shared my art endeavors and fandom interests over the years. The second part is more personal. It describes me, and how I see myself.

I don't always feel like a person. (Sometimes I forget entirely!) I feel instead like I'm a little star that was scooped up from the sky and put into a body with arms, legs and all. It's confusing, and exciting, and weird.

Other nonbinary friends I've talked to have said similar things. They feel like a little prism of light, a little deer or an ocean wave... Sometimes I think that would be much easier, and a lot less achy.

Next, casita (ka-see-ta), is the Spanish word for "little house". I just think it's neat, and reminds me of Disney's Encanto. Casita is who I aspire to be: warm, inviting, colorful, magical, emotional, okay with falling apart sometimes and ready to rebuild on a new foundation... Yeah, I just think its neat.

Together, the words describe me! I am my own home, and I am a little star so... there you have it!

Thanks for reading this far! Please hydrate, and take care always!